A major part of the IT budget and manpower is spent in procuring and maintaining client computing and access devices of large enterprises and SMEs. Often, traditional desktops and laptops are procured without going into the details of exact user requirements like manageability, standardisation, security concerns, total cost of ownership, new technological innovations which are happening around these solutions.

CISPL and HP can offer and help the customer select from a wide range of products and solutions for business computing and access devices, which can take care of all the above factors.


  • Business Desktops

    – Wide range of business desktops designed on different platforms, multiple form factors, reliability, manageability, security and environment-friendly features.
  • Business Notebooks

    – Standard, business, professional and workstation class of business notebooks and tablets.
  • Workstations

    – Broadest workstation range to meet diverse customer needs of mechanical CAD, DCC, finance, GIS, EDA, CAE, etc. with ISV certifications from leaders in each category.
  • Mobile Workstations

    – These customizable workstations deliver impressive professional 3D graphics and outstanding performance even from the most demanding applications in a perfect combination of mobility and cost.
  • Thin Clients

    – Wide range of thin clients and mobile thin clients, which can be configured for different architectures like SBC, VDI and CCI with which the user can enjoy better security, productivity and cost control. HP’s remote client solutions is a revolutionary data center alternative that puts all the computing resources under the user’s control. As an added advantage, RCS also helps to boost the users’ green credentials.
  • Digital Signage Solutions

  • Point of Sale

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